“Una notte al museo”. WorkCamp in Ecuador

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22 Ottobre 2019
27 Novembre 2019
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“Una notte al museo”. WorkCamp in Ecuador


Non è il titolo di un film famoso ma l’esperienza di volontariato che potrete vivere in ECUADOR.

L’attività prevede, oltre alla manutenzione di un museo, anche lo sviluppo di giochi per bambini sull’arte della tessitura.


The work in the Museum includes working with tools such as shovels, hoes and others, that means being ready to get dirty! The participants are going to support the families renovating and readjustment of the entrance, to repair the stairs of the pyramid- channel of water and the development of educational games for children about the art of weaving., The project is going carried out, with the help of the local community (families)

Accomodation and food

We are going to sleep, work and eat in the museum. The museum is located in walking distance from the vivid city Centre of Otavalo with its famous indigenous handicrafts market.

Location and leisure

Otavalo is a town two hours from the north of Quito by bus. It lays at the base of the volcano Imbabura and in its surroundings you can find many beautiful lakes and waterfalls, possible destinations for excursions. The city is vibrating with energy and at the same time more relaxed and a lot safer than the metropolis Quito. Otavalo is an interesting place because of the significance of the indigenous culture with its festivities, clothes, handicrafts, music etc. As we are going to work in the museum, you are going to learn a lot about local culture. LEISURE Afternoons after work are free to do any kind of group activity such as sports, walking around, or simply enjoy the place.

Project hosted by

The Chiriboga Foundation received the proposal of helping a “Living Museum” who is interested to contribute in the conservation and revitalization of the tangible and intangible cultural heritage of the Kichwa Otavalango people, through research, tourism development and cultural education. This museum is managed by 22 families of the Otavalo’s community, who bought the property, in order to conserve their history, in this building in the past there was an “Obraje” a fabric factory.

Meeting point

MEETING POINT IN QUITO OR OTAVALO The 24th of November will be the meeting day, IN QUITO: In case you want us to ask a taxi to pick you up from the airport to come to the foundation house in Quito the day before of the meeting day, please let us know, don’t forget to send us the details of your flight, you and me will travel on the next day to Otavalo. If you need to make more questions about this, just let us know. In Otavalo: In case you already are in Ecuador and prefer to go directly to Otavalo, please let us know in order to send you instructions and information of how to get there and for assistance.

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